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Local Venice Personal Injury Lawyer Understands Your Hardships and Needs

As your local Venice personal injury lawyer, I know injuries are unexpected. Not only is your pain and suffering shocking to you, but medical bills and lost income soon overwhelm even the strongest among us. You must make quick decisions about medical care, surgery, and therapy or rehab. Furthermore, you are missing work or cannot take care of your small business.

Moreover, maybe you have children or other dependents who count on you. And, they find themselves without your assistance, instruction, or time. Finally, none of us has enough friends to fill in these gaps in our lives.

personal injury lawyer venice floridaI am Your Aggressive, Local and Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

So, you are thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer. You see lots of TV ads and smiling faces on billboards. However, your instincts tell you these offices are more like wholesale warehouses, treating you as a number. Trust your instincts.

Hiring a law firm where you are a file number, charged for every postage stamp and photocopy, and spend your time dealing with secretaries or assistants—and not your lawyer, whom you might meet or talk to once if you’re lucky—is not what you need.

What do you do? Who do you choose? Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is critical. Moreover, your decision should not be made based on who talks tough or has a bunch of TV ads or billboards. Instead, talk to me. Your consultation is free, and I will walk you through every step.

As Your Venice Personal Injury Lawyer, I Will Win Your Case or You Owe Me Nothing

I’m David Hughes Harris, and with over 20 years’ experience I’m your aggressive Venice personal injury lawyer who provides one-on-one representation. If you are dealing with fractures, spinal cord injury, a brain injury, amputation, serious burns, back and neck pain, or other major injuries, then you want and need an injury lawyer who can help you through these big hardships and challenges.

I’ll leave the jingles and large volumes to other firms.

As your Venice personal injury lawyer, I pursue top compensation from all responsible parties. And, I do it by keeping you involved in every step of our journey together while ensuring:

  • All your questions are answered
  • All your phone calls are taken or returned promptly
  • I’m available to email and text
  • You’ll always know your claim status

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I Handle Your Accident and Injury Claims As Your Venice Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury includes bodily injury, financial loss, and wrongful death, resulting from negligence or misconduct. Accordingly, people, businesses, and large corporations commit errors and you are hurt as a result.

Serious injuries change lives and futures for personal injury victims and their families. Also, physical challenges, emotional barriers, and strains on relationships occur. Moreover, these changes often result from a basic safety rule violation likely lasting only seconds. Usually, each instance is avoidable through ordinary care and common-sense following safety measures.

As your personal injury lawyer, I pursue money compensation for your damages. Therefore, working to make up for your losses through financial security. Accordingly, a personal injury liability claim is your way to recover financial compensation you need. As you can see, hiring an experienced and dedicated injury lawyer is an important step towards restoring you.

I’m The Venice Personal Injury Lawyer You Want

Florida personal injury law is complex, covering many incident types. My experience spans numerous injury law fields. Here are some examples:

  • Personal Injury: Claims involving harms and losses, e.g. broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain damage, paralysis, disfigurement, disc herniation, amputation, burns, neck and back injuries
  • Auto Accident: All crashes, e.g. auto accident, motorcycle crash, commercial vehicle accident, trucking crash, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident
  • Premises Liability: Harms resulting from property conditions or operations, including slip and fall, trip and fall, negligent security, swimming pool accidents
  • Defective Products: Damages due to defective and dangerous products
  • Child Injury: When children are seriously hurt by errors or misconduct
  • Wrongful Death: Pursuing financial security for surviving family members
  • Work Injury: All workplace accidents causing major injuries

Whatever your circumstances, contact me for your free consultation. I have experience in all major accident and injury claims. Moreover, I can help you in almost every scenario.

personal injury lawyer venice flMajor Injuries Change Lives. As Your Local and Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer, I Can Help

Many injuries and conditions include life-changing harms and losses. These affect your lifetime needs. Especially relevant here are rehabilitation, therapy, and overcoming physical and emotional challenges. Moreover, financial losses—medical bills and lost income—are enormous.
These harms and losses can arise in several outcomes or situations, such as:

  • Spinal Cord Injury: paralysis, quadriplegia (tetraplegia), hemiplegia, paraplegia, or permanent paresis (weakness)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: deficits in knowledge, understanding, personality change, or comatose state caused by damage to brain
  • Amputation: losing arm or leg
  • Organ failure: often secondary to trauma causing primary injury, this also result from defective products
  • Blindness: complete vision loss caused by trauma, TBI, or defective product
  • Burn Injury: survivors endure third and fourth degree burns, pain, and disfigurement
  • Disfigurement: facial and body injuries dramatically changing appearance causing extreme pain and anguish
  • Broken Bones: fractures may require surgery or be fixed with cast, or both. Fractures also cause additional organ or tissue damage, permanent disfigurement, may lead to permanent disability.

This is no time to stand alone against big insurance companies. You want and need a warrior to fight for your rights and compensation you deserve. I’m your personal injury lawyer here in Venice Florida, bringing decades experience and aggressive representation to work for you. Your consultation is free. We’ll win your case or you owe me nothing.

Monetary Compensation for Injuries Addresses Your Needs

No one would knowingly trade their health to injuries for money. We all know money cannot provide happiness, health, or undo damage done. Accordingly, why do we pursue money compensation for you? First, money is how we assess and value damages in our justice system. Second, money does provide some relief.

Specifically, compensation may provide comfort, financial security, and opportunities. So, while money cannot heal you or remove all lifetime problems, it may provide you access and opportunities. Especially relevant, having access to highest quality care, therapy, equipment, and advances, may make life a little easier. Moreover, you may have a higher quality lifestyle and enjoyment than you though possible.

Accordingly, there is some comfort in knowing resources may help catastrophic injury survivors and family through challenges. Moreover, with technological and medical advances, you may find hope once again.

Money Damages Are Personal Injury Compensation

There are many damages categories in personal injury claims. Moreover, injury compensation your biggest component. Compensatory damages should make a person “whole again.” In other words, we use money to restore you to your position before you suffer harms and losses.

Now, we all know money cannot bring back your health or happiness. However, personal injury compensation may provide you comfort and financial stability. Especially relevant, having this economic security helps you secure health care you need.

While personal injury compensation is a poor substitute for your health, it is our justice system originally dispensed in The Bible. Accordingly, making up for your harms and losses our tort system’s foundation. Moreover, this remedy is simply among several ways we  attempt to alleviate consequences from wrongful conduct.

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Personal Injury Compensation Includes Economic Loss

Special damages are personal injury compensation based upon financial losses. Accordingly, there is a specific amount we can prove with evidence. Moreover, these damages include all losses and future needs.

Medical expenses: A plaintiff must show bills and expenses for medical treatment relate to injuries resulting from negligent behavior in question.
Lost wages: Time lost from work means you’re losing money you would otherwise earn. Accordingly, we calculate income loss from injury until you’re back to work. If you cannot work again, then we assess how much you would earn but for your harms.

As you can see, we apply personal injury compensation for financial losses upon provable facts. However, evaluating value is more difficult in general damages.

Personal Injury Compensation for Non-Economic Harms and Losses

In major claims, personal injury compensation we pursue for non-financial losses are general damages. Accordingly, there is no specific dollar value. Instead, whether at trial or during our settlement negotiations, we seek to persuade on your story. Therefore, we use your hardships to establish value for what are going through into your future.

Pain and suffering: When determining a monetary value, we look at past and future physical pain you experience. Especially relevant, a jury may consider how long and severe you experience suffering.

Disfigurement: Major scars or disfiguring injuries affecting your appearance also have value. Moreover, people understand looking different can cause a damaging social toll on you.

Loss of enjoyment of life: As you go through your hardships, you experience diminishing ability to enjoy everyday life pleasures. This is another component of pain and suffering.

As you see here, we cannot calculate your personal injury compensation for general damages with simple math. Rather, these damages must touch juries in their hearts.

venice florida personal injury lawyerAs Your Venice Personal Injury Lawyer, I Want You to be You

You have suffered a personal injury because someone or some business was careless, negligent, or otherwise at fault. You did not commit a crime. Instead, you were the victim of a criminal act or civil wrong. Owning your hardship can result in success.

Here’s what I mean. If you want to tell your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and doctors—who certainly want to know what happened to you and how your misfortune occurred—then tell them. Importantly, tell them nothing but the truth. Be yourself. You are who you are, and do not try to be different with them or co-workers or anyone you interact with.

As your Venice injury lawyer, I emphasize you did not ask to get hurt by wrongdoing. However, this happened when a person or business was careless and injured you. You did not deserve to get hurt and you are the survivor. You should not act or feel as though you did something wrong to bring the personal injury upon yourself. So, don’t act that way. Be yourself.

Insurance company lawyers will probably not contact every one of your family members and friends about your conversations. It’s not practical. Doing so would be too costly. Not only will the search yield them testimony they do not want, but the smart defense attorneys know the haystack approach is a dead end. Follow your injury attorney advice.

Venice Personal Injury Lawyer Represents Quality People

Importantly, as a Venice personal injury lawyer, I choose quality when taking on clients. Consequently, quantity does not matter. I recognize not everyone is going to be a good fit for what I do, and this is okay. Rather, my attention is on good people who suffer serious harms. And, not those whose bumps and bruises don’t require a legal remedy.

The truth is a law firm may consist of one lawyer or hundreds. This rarely matters for any individual client or family. Instead, what matters is your Venice personal injury lawyer’s experience and character, and your facts and our law. In reality, for any major injury claim, in our courtrooms and at negotiating tables, only a single lawyer stands up for you. While a firm may have dozens of attorneys, only one works your case.

In my opinion, critical qualities I want in a lawyer representing me or my family members would be one who has quality experience, pays attention to details, and is driven for client goals and justice.

Aggressive Venice Personal Injury Lawyer Strives for Excellence and Results

Moreover, I am a Venice personal injury lawyer who strives for excellence in my advocacy for you. I know I must provide a convincing presentation to an audience (whether that is a jury or insurance company). Also, critically important to me as well that that a lawyer has to be honest, transparent, and accessible. Accordingly, in my view these qualities show best attorneys

For you, choose wisely. I have been a trial lawyer and litigator since 1995. I have been in more courtrooms and at more negotiating tables than I ever imagined. This doesn’t mean I always win (nobody does) as some circumstances are simply not legally winnable.

However, for you and every client, I fight to obtain best results every time. There are great victories and great defeats. But, my attitude for every client is success: achieving your goals under your circumstances to accomplish our shared mission.

Does Strategy Matter for a Venice Personal Injury Lawyer?

Like any profession (or any trade, job, or business), not all lawyers are created equal. I seriously doubt there is any dispute that one excellent and driven Venice personal injury lawyer can outperform a legion.

Dedication, hunger, mastering details, and mastering laws and their exceptions and intricacies, are important. Moreover, I think having some great experience is a huge benefit—losing a courtroom battle, for example—is not only sobering, but makes you a better attorney.

Having been a Venice personal injury lawyer for a long time now, I know many attorneys whom I admire and consider excellent advocates. Our community’s best lawyers suffer bruises and lose just as much as they win.

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I represent good people harmed by others. I focus on clients having serious injuries or families who suffer injuries throughout Venice Florida and nearby communities, including North Port, Osprey, Laurel, Englewood, Nokomis, Sarasota, and Port Charlotte.

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