Car Accident Lawyer Sarasota, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are in the Venice Florida area and in need of a personal injury lawyer please contact me. I offer a FREE initial phone consultation.

Sarasota is definitely one of the best places to live and work.While it grows by leaps and bounds, it still has great schools, booming infrastructure, and wonder social activities.World-class beaches and kind people round out this amazing area.I’m proud to call it home.

I am proud of our success and continue to serve my local neighbors as your experienced, one-on-one, personal injury lawyer.While you have choices in who represents you and your family in major claims, I hope you consider me be provide highest quality, personal, and hands-on representation.

Call me.Text me. Email me.Your consult is free, confidential, personal, and comprehensive.You and I personally discuss your situation, your options, challenges, and then you decide what you want to do.

I am proud to serve as your personal injury lawyer.

Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer Provides Personal Access

Every personal injury lawyer is different.We have different experience levels, approaches, and outlooks.Some want as many clients as possible and hand most of the work to assistants and non-lawyer staff.I don’t.I’m personally involved and lead your claim from day one until we’re done.You are not a file, and get receive a file number.You are unique and special, and I know you like I know every single client.

While some lawyers have big egos and brash personalities, I like to think my confidence keeps me humble.I’m not into, and don’t need, flash or wasting time or money.I focus on clients and results.That’s it.

As your personal injury lawyer, I start as soon as you hire me.I begin our investigation, gather evidence, and document your claim. We pursue your claim and remain in touch—I’m easy to reach by phone, email, or text—and never forget your hopes and needs.Pursuing highest compensation for you is my goal.

My practice is simple in focus:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death

My personal injury lawyer practice focuses on serious accidents and major injuries.No fender-benders, bumps and bruises, or minor matters.Only major claims.Accordingly, I do not need quantity like many firms which seeks large numbers of clients.I am not a client farm.I just want to help good people who are suffering major or catastrophic harms and losses, so I can do my best work and help secure them a better future.

High energy and focus on you. That’s how I roll.

Sarasota Accident Claims

Do you really want to be client 5345 or be known by your name?Maybe you should avoid all the personal injury lawyer commotion on billboards, radio, bus benches, and television.Maybe you just need to pick up a phone and speak directly with me, a lawyer with 25 years experience in courtrooms and conference rooms, to discuss your circumstances for free, before you decide your next steps.

I do not need gimmicks and I’ don’t play games.When you hire me as your personal injury lawyer, then you get me.Give me a call.I’ll listen and give you my insight. And, then decide.