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If you are in the Venice Florida area and in need of a personal injury lawyer please contact me. I offer a FREE initial phone consultation.

Port Charlotte has enjoyed its long history as rural but now continues growth as a record pace.Warm neighbors, nice beaches, and an increasingly responsive commercial and public infrastructure, Port Charlotte is growing in character and future.

Our Port Charlotte neighbors have not had many choices in local experienced personal injury lawyer offices.

I am hoping to change that and provide another choice for highest quality, personal, and assertive representation.While I have been representing Port Charlotte accident victims for many years, I do so primarily on word of mouth and referrals.

Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer having more than 20 years experience, someone who answers your calls and questions, and is striving for best results?Call me.Your consult is free, direct, and thorough.After we talk about your situation, then you decide next steps.If you go elsewhere, then we part as friends.If you decide you want me to represent you, then buckle up and let’s roll.

Personal Injury Lawyer Port Charlotte Neighbors Trust

I’m easy to reach by phone, email, or text.When you have questions, then just call me.Don’t understand an issue?Call me.Hear something (usually from a friend or relative who thinks they know everything) which concerns you?Then,call me.

I don’t hide from clients.I’m a personal injury lawyer who enjoys talking to clients, explaining issues, and just checking in with you.

For Port Charlotte clients, my focus is direct and simple:

• Car Accidents

• Premises liability

• Personal Injury

• Wrongful Death

I’m the personal injury lawyer who concentrates on major accidents and injuries.No silly claims or games here.Instead, I provide high energy drive and focus on results.Clients, friends, families, and lawyers refer accident victims to me because they know my honesty and heartfelt quality representation I provide.

Port Charlotte Accident Claims

Avoid all that personal injury lawyer noise on billboards and TV.With 25 years experience, I aggressively pursue highest compensation you deserve.No games, jingles, or gimmicks. When you hire me, you get me. Your questions get answers and your calls are taken or promptly returned.

Here’s an important point:I know and value every client I represent.I don’t use file numbers because I actually know you by name.

While every accident is different, there are common issues which arise in all of them.Knowing what to do, when to do it, and avoiding claim mistakes often benefits from experienced personal injury lawyer involvement.