Car Accident Lawyer Englewood, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are in the Venice Florida area and in need of a personal injury lawyer please contact me. I offer a FREE initial phone consultation.

Englewood is a wonderful community of neighbors.It seems to encompass some of the very best of both Sarasota County and Charlotte County.

When you retain me as your personal injury lawyer, I strive to provide the best client experience while pursue highest compensation you need and deserve for your serious injuries.This means I actually listen to you and your wants, hopes, and needs.I personally represent you—not leaving you to assistants to do the heavy lifting—and answer your questions.

It is very easy to be confused and simply focus on any personal injury lawyer who tells you what you want to hear.Instead, this is the time when your decision is critical:make sure you get answers to your questions, understand the challenges ahead, and find out what you need to know rather than an attorney who makes promises which likely cannot be kept.

I truly want the best outcome for your important claim, including a better future for you and I'm going to fight to help you get there, but I’m always going to tell you the truth and express my honest opinions.That is an important part of my job as your advocate and personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer Englewood Residents Can Trust

The good news is you have choices.There seems to be a personal injury lawyer advertising on TV, billboards, benches, and just about everywhere else.Is there a personal injury lawyer Englewood residents can trust?Someone who focuses on this area?

My practice is based in Venice, Florida and focuses on our local communities, including Englewood.I take pride in knowing our communities and neighbors, and focusing on local people who face difficult times after an accident.

As your personal injury lawyer, I talk to you throughout your claim, providing guidance, giving updates, answering all of your questions, and of course, taking your calls or calling you back promptly.I provide this personal and honest service while aggressively pursuing justice for you.

Honesty is my only policy.And, when you hire me, you get me.

Free In-Depth Initial Consultations and No Fee Unless We Win

Your initial consultation is not only free, but comprehensive.I’ll go over your circumstances and evaluate where you stand.You then decide whether you want to hire me as your personal injury lawyer.

If you do retain me as your personal injury lawyer, there is no fee or costs unless we settle or win your case.That’s right, if I don’t recover money for you, then you owe me nothing.

Please understand, I work really hard for you to make sure we recover compensation for your harms and losses.That’s what I do as a driven and experienced personal injury lawyer every day.

But, at least you have the comfort of knowing that if adverse circumstances arise, e.g. no insurance coverage exists, legal limitations on the claim, liability issues, immunity, or other matters which result in no recovery, then you have no legal bills to worry about.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Englewood Neighbors Can Count On

I represent good people like you who suffer major injuries in car accidents, falls, and similar injury incidents.These serious harms and losses can affect your job, retirement, daily life, and cause financial ruin.As your personal injury lawyer, I seek money to make up for your pain, suffering, inconvenience, medical bills, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life.

I’m here when you need me, and you can count on me to represent your best interests with integrity and do so with purpose, ambition, and speed.