Florida Premises Liability Attorney Information

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Injured in a fall or other incident on property? As your premises liability attorney, I focus on proving your claim and securing money compensation for your harms and losses.I proudly serve my neighbors in Venice, North Port, Nokomis, Osprey, Englewood, and Port Charlotte.

Premises Liability Attorney Pursues Justice

Every property owner has an obligation to keep a premises safe for guests.Commercial property owners, such as stores, have a duty to keep their properties safe for customers and clients.

This does not mean a property owner is liable for all injuries occurring on its property.Instead, as your premises liability attorney, I must prove your injuries on property result from defects or dangerous conditions.These conditions include substances on a floor, fault electrical wiring, broken tiles or sidewalk slabs, and careless operations.

My Priority as Your Premises Liability Attorney is You

Property owners and managers have several duties in maintaining safe premises.Customer and visitor safety should be a top priority.Accordingly, common safety steps include:

  • inspecting premises for defects or hazards
  • performing necessary repairs to correct dangers or defects
  • making repairs in a timely manner
  • providing visible warnings to customers about any hazards or dangers

These basic safety measures are often lacking.Common things I see as a premises liability attorney is failure to inspect the store or property, not placing visible warnings quickly to highlight to danger so customer can avoid the defect, and failing to make timely repairs to dangerous conditions.

Premises Liability Attorney Describes Dangerous Conditions on Property

Having been a premises liability attorney for decades, I can give you numerous examples of defects and hazards which cause falls

  • liquid on floor

  • broken stairs or steps

  • missing or broken handrails or guardrails

  • unmarked step-downs

  • uneven sidewalks

  • unguarded holes

  • violation of building codes

  • no warning signs

  • unprotected or unguarded swimming pools

  • broken pool gate

  • lack of childproofing pool area

  • store security fails to act

  • inadequate security

  • OSHA violations

  • child access to construction zone

If you are injured by unsafe conditions, then contact me to assist you.As an experienced premises liability attorney, I pursue money compensation from insurance companies to make up for your harms and losses.

Because we have the burden of proving fault in each case, please don’t delay.We may have to send an investigator to the scene immediately to document the defects.

Premises Liability Attorney Represents Only Injured Persons

I only represent injured persons, and not insurance companies.Most falls and other incidents on property are preventable through basic care and attention.Unfortunately, many property owners take shortcuts or ignore defects, placing customers and visitors at risk.

As your premises liability attorney, I promptly investigate your claim and seek highest compensation available.Do not waste time.Contact me for your free and comprehensive consultation today.