Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are in the Venice Florida area and in need of a personal injury lawyer please contact me. I offer a FREE initial phone consultation.

I am a personal injury lawyer dedicated to clients.I have been a trial attorney since 1995.My main office is in Venice Florida and I focus on serving clients in Venice, Englewood, North Port, Osprey, and Nokomis.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fights for You

Client service is priority one because I believe it produces the best results.As your personal injury lawyer, I work collaboratively with you, so we have clear communication, share our goals, and know pros and cons or your claim.I work with you so you understand what is occurring in real time.

I want the best results possible and pursue highest money compensation.Value for your claim always depends on the details, and we go over those specifics so we are on the same page.I deal in reality and do not engage in fantasies or games.Your future and recovery are too important for anything other than total honesty.

I fight for you against large corporations and insurance companies.These are experienced corporate interests which want to keep their money and not give it to you.As your personal injury lawyer I use actual evidence and advocacy to obtain that money for you.It is not easy..

Please understand, I work personally with you and listen so I know your hopes, wants, and needs.I investigate your claim and gather evidence to support your case.I know you and your loved ones have been through such difficulties and hard times, and I want to help ease those burdens.

So, everything I do focuses on you and achieving best results for you.

Personal Injury Lawyer Takes The Fight to Them

Big corporations and insurance companies have billions.Hundreds of billions. More money than you can visualize.They are indifferent, fight dirty, and perhaps represent the greediest entities one ever experiences in real life.And, in real life, the play for keeps.

So, as your personal injury lawyer, I take the fight to them.With my experience and your evidence at my side, I fight with confidence.From day one, I prepare your claim for both the negotiating table and courtroom.My goal is proving your claim and value which must be paid.Depending on the circumstances, negotiations are often necessary.Some matters involve such catastrophic losses that negotiations are limited, but nonetheless occur.

I push hard for out-of-court settlement providing you timely and cost-effective compensation. But, if your circumstances warrant further action, then I am ready to take your case to court and trial.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Wants to Help You

My career and role as a personal injury lawyer is to help good, local, people—my neighbors—get through big challenges resulting from others’ carelessness.This is what I do every day.

I’m the first to say that not everyone is a good fit for my services.Smaller claims are often better suited for volume offices.Instead, I focus on major injury claims, do not engage nonsense, and work with thoughtful and honest clients.