Personal Injury Attorneys View On Big Accidents

If you are in the Venice Florida area and in need of a personal injury lawyer please contact me. I offer a FREE initial phone consultation.

Some people wake up in a hospital bed and wonder, “what happened.”Crash or incident details are fuzzy.But, any doubt about injuries quickly fades as your casts, broken bones, intravenous drip line, and nurses and surgeon explaining your injuries bring you up to speed.

Good people like you contact a personal injury attorney like me for a consult and help. I visit you at the hospital or at your home as you recover and we quickly go over what you know and what is blank.

You family fills in some information and then we get moving in establishing your claim and obtaining evidence.

Every major injury is more than just pain.Life is interrupted, your work is on hold, but your rent or mortgage needs to be paid.Your monthly bills for food, utilities, and life’s basics keep rolling in.

With decades as a personal injury lawyer handling major accident claims, I know this altered reality all too well.While you are trying to get back on your feet, seeing doctors and therapists, the bills for your medical care and existing financial obligations keep .pouring in.And, adding to your burdens, insurance companies play dumb and want to capitalize on your misfortune.This is terribly sad, but equally true.

You are not alone.I am here to help and want to see you obtain financial relief as quickly as possible

Personal Injury Attorney Invites Your Request for Help

Look, I personally represent good people from all backgrounds.All are welcome here and I value each and every one of you.Every single person has immeasurable value and you are my neighbors.

I personally review every request for assistance and call each person to discuss their needs.I have been a personal injury attorney for decades, and I appreciate the unique challenges each person goes through after a major incident or accident.

Truthfully, we may not agree on everything.But, I do listen to you, value your insight, and we’ll share our opinions.It makes us stronger as a team.And, given how insurance companies work, we need teamwork to succeed in your claim.

Honesty is Our Only Approach Says Your Personal Injury Attorney

I require complete honesty from every client.You receive the same from me.I cannot and will not represent someone who believes truth is optional.Thankfully, I can count on one hand the number of clients who over the years were less than honest.

Every experienced personal injury attorney requires complete honesty from every client.I can deal with all facts—even those which are harmful—than falsehoods and half-truths.

I am an ethical personal injury attorney, and as such, I can tell you there no substitute for truth.Accordingly, if honest at all times is not part of who you are, then I cannot help you.I work with challenging cases daily, and in my experience a key to winning is acknowledging problems, and not attempting to hide them.

Personal Injury Attorney Invites You to See Justice Done

There simply is no time to waste.The sooner I get to work as your personal injury attorney, often the more effective I can be in addressing your harms and losses.Please realize the insurance companies get to work as soon as they learn of an injury, and actively take steps to limit your claim.

I encourage you to contact me now and I’ll personally get working for you.