You, Your Auto Accident, And Your Attorney

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Auto accidents typically involve one driver who is not paying attention. Or, a crash results when a driver takes unnecessary risk.For example, we all witness a driver who accelerates to beat a red light at an intersection, or make a quick turn in face of oncoming traffic.

Each example demonstrates a driver actively exercising poor judgment.And, that bad, impulsive, decision often has major consequences for innocent motorists.

Your Accident Attorney Determines Who is Legally Responsible

Every claim requires proof.In Florida, each claim consists of specific required elements.Your accident attorney gathers evidence to prove each element, thereby establishing your claim by law.

For example, to prove that a driver is negligent, and therefore, legally accountable to pay for your, we must establish several elements:

  • Duty:each person must use reasonable care, drive safely, obey traffic laws
  • Breach:a driver fails to act reasonably under the circumstances, including violating traffic laws
  • Causation:driver who breaches duty to use reasonable care results in, or causes, injuries and losses
  • Damages:actual harm, such as bodily injury and financial losses

Every case requires your accident attorney to investigate and prove each element with evidence.

Many times, proving duty and breach are simple.However, if your crash did not actually cause injury or other damage, then then no viable damages claim exists.

As your experienced accident attorney, I pursue major accident claims.I honestly assess your circumstances and tell you whether there are any challenges in proving any part of your claim.Further, I work directly with you to gather evidence to prove your case.

Your Accident Attorney Focuses on You and Winning Your Case

If we can prove a driver is legally responsible for a crash, then we must still prove your injuries result from this crash.Sometimes, an individual has pre-existing medical conditions.Insurance companies love to focus on any existing medical conditions or prior accidents or injury claims.

As your accident attorney, I focus on you and winning your case.So, we address any existing medical issues head-on.If your crash aggravates or worsens your pre-existing conditions, then you are eligible for money damages for that aggravation.Moreover, you may have other injuries which are new or acute, so we seek money damages for those, too.

I never stop focusing on you.And, I deal with any issues which often come up in claims.I do not ignore them, as the truth is our only path and honesty robs every insurance company of their favorite and illegitimate defense, e.g. injury victim is lying.

This Accident Attorney Seeks Justice for You

I am accident attorney representing victims.This is all I do.And, I serve you throughout Venice, North Port, Englewood, Nokomis, Osprey,and surrounding communities.

When I serve as your accident attorney, I represent you on a contingent fee basis.This means you do not pay me anything unless I recover money for you.

I value every client and am grateful you choose me.Rest assured you receive personal representation, your questions are answered, and I take and return your calls.My clients are good people, informed, and never have to work on finding me.I’m right here and ready to fight for you.