Common Causes of Florida Car Crashes

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There are thousands of auto accidents in our local area every year.Many lives are lost and many more suffer huge changes due to major injuries.


Accident Lawyer Alarmed So Much Harm Happens to Good People

There are simply too many auto crashes in our region.Florida Department of Transportation and Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles show through crash reporting how many average crashes occur.In Sarasota, we average approximately 6,500 crashes every year.Nearly 4,000 injuries and 50 deaths result from these auto accidents per year.

Think about these figures.Nearly 130 crashes per week, with almost 100 injury victims and one death every single week.As your local and experienced accident lawyer, I know the victims and their families suffer through so much pain and hardship.

And, these collisions are preventable.These crashes occur because one driver is careless.

Accident Lawyer Discusses Common Causes of Crashes

Drivers who pay attention and obey traffic laws do not causes crashes.Distraction is so common and causes most collisions.As your accident lawyer, I knows distracted drivers are responsible for most injury claims.

Whether using a cell phone, texting, trying to beat a light, running a stop sign, failing to yield, speeding, and numerous other careless acts, injuries often result.To all careless drivers:what is so important that you are risking your life and so many others?Slow down, pay attention, and you will get to where you are going soon enough.Careless acts to save a few seconds or minutes from your travel time is simply not worth such giant consequences from a crash.

To all safe drivers:exercise extreme caution during every outing in your car.Defense driving is mandatory to reduce your risk

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With decades’ experience as an honest and determined accident lawyer, I handle all major crashes—auto, motorcycle, truck, bicycle, pedestrian—and know our local roads.I strive to win every case for every client and always seek highest compensation.

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